Wendy Robbins


Database Admin
Development Software
Software Testing
Operating Systems
Internet Related Software
Design/Layout Software
Design/Layout/Usability Skills
Writing (Tech., Marketing, Content)
Online Communities
Supervisory Professional Traits


Skill Experience
HTML 17 years. Can code by hand.
ASP 7+ years
VisualBasic 1 year
Perl 1 year
CFML 2+ years
JavaScript 2+ years
CSS 6 years
ActionScript 6 months

Database Admin

Application Experience
MS SQL Server 7.0 1 year
MS Access 5 years

Development Software

Application Experience
Dreamweaver 8 years
Flash 3+ years
(for scripting)
8 years
CF Studio 1 year
FrontPage 5 years
Notepad & SimpleText
(for scripting)
14 years

Software Testing

Skill Experience
Internet/Online Service Related Testing 3 years. Experience beta-testing BBS and proprietary online service software.
Misc. Macintosh Application Testing 1 year experience alpha and beta-testing various Macintosh software packages.
Reporting 5 years. Able to clearly document software problems so that they can be reduplicated.

Operating Systems

System Experience
Windows 14 years. Experienced with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT 4.0 Server and Windows 2000 Professional.
Macintosh 15 years. Mactintosh OS versions 4 through 9.
DOS 5 years. Used DOS operating systems back in the 1980s. Currently use DOS only for performing tracert and ping type functions.
UNIX <1 year. Became aquainted with UNIX and UNIX system commands.

Browsers/Internet-Related Software

Application Experience
Internet Explorer 12 years
Netscape Navigator 8 years
Outlook 9 years
WS_FTP95 7 years
America Online 13 years
Other Internet Apps Have used countless other Internet applications for both Windows and Mac.

Design/Layout Software

Application Experience
Photoshop 12 years
ImageReady 5 years
Illustrator 5 years
Flash 3+ years
GIF Animator 2 years
PowerPoint 4 years
InDesign 3 years
PageMaker 3 years
Quark 1 year


Skill Experience
Web Graphic Design 14 years. Strong familiarity with initial mockup development and layout revision phases. Strong familiarity with GIF89a, GIF and JPG usage.
Image Optimization 10+ years. Optimze images for the most appropriate combination between quality and filesize. My design work keeps total filesizes, image requirements and server calls in mind.
Information Architecture & Site Usability 10+ years. Proficient at creating sites that focus on ease of navigation and visitor usability across multiple platforms and browser scenarios. Studied and implemented usability concepts into designs, site structures and navigation. Able to create cutting-edge layouts that meet the objectives set forth by the client. Possess excellent categorical skills that allow me to categorize and organize information.
Color-Safe Web Palette 6+ years. Design utilizing the color-safe web palette as appropriate for site and its audience. Able to mentally convert hexidecimal color-safe codes to RGB and vice-versa. Created popular freeware color-safe utility in VisualBasic.

Web Site Promotion/Marketing

Skill Experience
Online Marketing 12 years experience promoting online BBSs and Web sites. Familiarity with strageties behind the following: search engine placement, banner ad creation, click-through success, banner advertising rotation campaigns. Some familiarity with how the Double-Click and RealMedia ad manager software works.
Promotional Writing 8+ years composing promotional content for Web site and print work. Experience includes ability to research and develop product descriptions for retail and wholesale merchandise.
Search Engine Placement 6+ years. Received top 10 keyword rankings for many clients. Conducted search engine placement research. Have incorporporated appropriate meta tag code and submitted over 80 unique Web properties to the major engines. Composed a detailed "Search Engine Handbook" for outside Web clients.
Banner Ad Development 7 years. Developed countless banner ads for employers and their outside clients.
Banner Ad and Business Listing Sales Responsible for pricing, generating and managing advertising policies on AromaWeb.
Direct Mail Promotion Oversaw 2 successful promotions soliciting new advertisers for Web site. First mailing had a 50% response rate (50% of companies purchased business listing or banner ad). Second mailing had a 20% purchase rate.

Writing/Technical Documentation/Marketing Copy

Skill Experience
Content Writing 12+ years. Composed or assisted with the composition of marketing and technical content for countless Web sites. Composed the written content for 200+ page site, AromaWeb. AromaWeb is Yahoo!'s editor's choice for it's category. AromaWeb is frequently referenced in online and print publications.
Marketing Copy 7+ years. Composed the copy for various print and online ads for Heritage Newspapers, Heritage Multi-Media and Floating Head. Developed an "Establishing an Online Presence" handbook for distribution by Heritage Multi-Media to potential clients. Composed the marketing message and content for a major marketing sales pitch.
Technical Writing 2 years. Composed a 100+ page manual for Scantron Quality Computer's online service, theLINQ, for educators (no longer in operation). Manual consisted of an administrator manual and separate client manual. Composed the following technical documentation for Heritage Multi-Media clients: POP3 E-Mail Account Setup, FTP Fundamentals, and Web Site Backend Administration. Composed detailed instructions for various Floating Head personnel and clients.
Educational Writing 5 years. Composed countless Macintosh-specific articles during 1991-1992. These articles were printed in many different Macintosh User Group (MUG) print publications throughout the U.S. Taught guitar while going to college. Provided add-on documentation to students to supplement their textbooks.

Online Communities

Skill Experience
Bulletin Board Services (BBSs) and Online Services 12.5 years. Strong familiarity with how the online community experience provides significant added value to Web sites and online services.
Bulletin Board Service Operation 3 years. Strong former background running and maintaining BBS server software. Experience includes strong familarity with server layout, file library management, development of acceptable use policies, customer support and server maintenance.
America Online Contractor 3 years. Significant experience working in multiple capacities for America Online. Positions included Member Advisor, Quality Control Team Leader and Online Guide. Within these roles, I provided detailed technical support to members and often to colleagues, provided customer service, assisted in the training of remote staff members and reviewed their performance.


Skill Experience
Leadership 8+ years. Experience includes but is not limited to acting as leader of a national computer user group. 3 years experience as church council member. 3 years experience overseeing church library and its staffing.
Project Management 10+ years. Although never given the title of "project manager," I have frequently inhereted project management duties from upper managers. Responsibilities have included scoping out project details and strategies, creating timelines, composing highly detailed reports and discussing them with managers and clients, reviewing project goals and coordinating/delegating tasks.

Professional Traits

Highly motivated.
Goal oriented.
Possess outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
Possess a perfectionist attitude for all projects and tasks.
Efficient and deadline oriented.
Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Able to work exceptionally well with or without supervision.
Excellent team player.
Professional, respectful, yet personable.
Extremely fast learner.
Typing Speed: 80+ w.p.m.